A Day of Zitadelle
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General information
Date July 1943
Theatre Eastern Front (tank battle)
Belligerents 800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Germany vs USSR Flag of the Soviet Union.svg
Game Type Conquest
Flags First Defenceline Hill
Artillery Point Russian
Control Point Russian Suborb
Control Point Russian Suborb
Russian 2nd Defenceline Hill
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A Day of Zitadelle

A Day of Zitadelle

The Battle of Kursk. July 5th 1943 also known as "Operation Zitadelle" (Operation Citadel in English) by the German Army, was a significant battle on the Eastern Front of World War II. It remains the largest armored engagement of all time, and included the most costly single day of aerial warfare in history. Though the Germans planned and initiated an offensive strike, the Soviet defense managed to frustrate their ambitions and launch a successful counter-offensive and retook Oryol (August 5), Belgorod (August 5) and Kharkov (August 23), the first such success during summer since 1941.

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