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Canadian Ground Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Armored cars and light tanks[edit | edit source]

M8 Greyhound M8 Greyhound
Light Tank Mk VI Light Tank Mk VIB.jpg
M3 Stuart (M3 · M3A1) M3 "Satan"

Medium tanks[edit | edit source]

M4 Sherman (M4A1 Sherman · M4A1(76) Sherman · M4A3E2(76) Jumbo) M4A1.jpg
M4 Sherman Firefly Sherman VC Firefly.jpg
Cromwell Mk IV Cromwell Mk IV .jpg
Churchill Churchill Mk III.jpg
Churchill NA75 Churchill
Matilda II (Matilda II Mk II · Matilda II 6 Pounder) Matilda II mkII Canada.jpg
M3 Grant "Late" (Lend-Lease) M3 Grant

Tank destroyers[edit | edit source]

17pdr SP Achilles 17pdr SP Achilles
M36 Jackson M36 Jackson

Assault Guns[edit | edit source]

Churchill Mk.V CS Churchill Mk.V CS.jpg
Matilda III CS Matilda IIICS.jpg

Self-propelled artillery[edit | edit source]

Sexton Sexton.jpg

Transport vehicles[edit | edit source]

Priest Kangaroo Priest Kangaroo
M3A1 Half-track M3 Half-track
GMC CCKW [[File:|200px|GMC CCKW]]
Universal Carrier (Universal Carrier · Universal Carrier with Piat · Multi Piat Carrier) Multie piat carrier.jpg
Lynx Scout Car Lynx.jpg
Willys MB Willys MB

Other[edit | edit source]

Churchill AVRE Churchill AVRE.jpg

Canadian Watercrafts[edit | edit source]

Destroyers[edit | edit source]

M-class (HMS Marne (G35)) 200px

Fast attack crafts[edit | edit source]

Elco Raft Elco Raft.jpg

Landing crafts[edit | edit source]

LVT (LVT-2 "Water Buffalo II") LVT

Canadian Stationary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Anti-tank[edit | edit source]

Ordnance QF 6 Pounder 6pdr.jpg
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