Experimantal High-Power 10 cm Cannon
Experimental 10 cm Cannon
General Historical Information
Place of origin: Japan
Category: Long Distance Canon
Used by:


Debut in FHSW: v0.5
Passengers: 1 or 2
Calibre: 105 mm
Ammunition: ↑ HE
↓ AP
Elevation: -5° +65°
Traverse: 30°
Rate of Fire: 10 rpm
Artillery battery: 1 gun
3 guns
5 guns
Mobile: Yes (Type 1 Ho-Ki)
Position 1: Driver or gunner
Position 2:


Historical Picture
Type 92 105mm field gun

The Experimental High-Power 10 cm Cannon was a Japanese cannon. The root of this gun was the 1930's Experimental fixed 10,5 cm AA gun, which had a 65 calibre barrel and semi automatic loading system. The AA gun barrel was attached to a 15cm Type 96 howitzer as a new field cannon and tested. Because it was high velocity AA gun, its maximum range was quite far, more than 20 km. The cannon was completed at almost the same time as the 15cm Type 96 Howitzer, but was abandoned. It came back in 1943, by the requirement of powerful anti tank guns for use against new Allied heavy tanks. Higher penetration for this gun was therefore required. Because of the guns 10,5cm shell, its in-game anti-tank performance is very dramatic. It can be effective against not only sloped armour medium tanks, but also new Allied heavy tanks. Testing with this gun against the Super Pershing has shown us how powerful this gun is. It can destroy the tank with only one hit to the front. Indirect firing performance is also quite good with its velocity and accuracy. This gun can only be found on Japanese late war maps like Operation Coronet.