Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon contains:

  • Over 650 different vehicles at land, sea and air featuring lots of Secret Weapons of WW2!
  • 130 maps, from tight infantry action over pure tank and plane combat maps to full scale naval battles. Or everything at once!
  • 150 hand weapons with new reload and moving animations for all (AT) rifles, bipods for MGs and (reworked) deployable weapons like mortars and heavy machine guns
  • 12 nations: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Soviet Union and USA
  • Completely overhauled, more immersive sounds and effects
  • New techniques: switchable ammo, towable AT guns, altimeter for planes, napalm & cluster bombs, bayonets and much more
  • Heavily modified combat to enhance realism while not being overly complicated
  • Unique gameplay: Control the mysterious 1000-tonne tank "Ratte", use the Me 323 to transport tanks to the front line, fly Kamikaze missions against heavily armed Battleships or ... simply take a horse.
Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon Facts
Heaviest Tank Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte Super Heavy Tank Germany v0.2 Weighs 1000 tonnes!
Lightest Tank TKS Tankette Poland Since FHSW Release Weighs 2.43 tonnes
Oldest Vehicle Renault FT-17 Light Tank France v0.25 Designed in 1917
Youngest Vehicle AMX 50 Heavy Tank France v0.61 Developed in 1956-'58
Fastest Tank Pzkpfw V Ausf G "Panther" with GT 101 engine Medium Tank Germany Contains GT 101 engine
Largest Aircraft Messerschmitt Me 321 &
Messerschmitt Me 323
Glider (Me 321)/Transport Aircraft (Me 323) Germany v0.25 Wingspan of 55.24 m
Smallest Aircraft Messerschmitt Me 163 "Komet" Rocket Jet Fighter Germany Since FHSW Release (Me-163) Wingspan of 9.33 m
Fastest Aircraft Messerschmitt Me 163 "Komet" Rocket Jet Fighter Germany Since FHSW Release Maximum speed of 1.060 km/h
Slowest Aircraft Messerschmitt Me 321 Glider Germany v0.25 Maximum speed of 147 km/h
Deadliest Aircraft Haunebu UFO Germany Overpowered weapon
Heaviest Ship IJN Super Yamato Battleship Japan v0.55 Have the most powerful guns
Lightest Ship Elco Raft Raft USA Since FHSW release Contains no weapons
Oldest Ship USS Wickes Destroyer USA v0.51 Laid down in 1917

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

v0.1a December 2006 v0.4 December 2009
v0.1b v0.41 March 2010
v0.15 February 2007 v0.412 August 2010
v0.2β1 v0.42 October 2010
v0.2β2 v0.42+FullTweakPack April 2011
v0.2 May 2007 MapTweakPack November 2011
v0.25 August 2008 v0.5 July 2012
v0.26 v0.51 November 2012
v0.261 v0.55 June 2014
v0.27 September 2007 v0.6 September 2016
v0.3β1 April 2008 v0.61 May 2017
v0.3β2 v0.611 June 2020
v0.621 February 2021
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