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French Ground Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Armored cars and light tanks[edit | edit source]

Panhard 178 Panhard P 178.jpeg
Renault FT-17 (FT-17 37mm . FT-17Mg) Renault FT-17 37mm.jpeg
Renault R-35 (R-35 "Early" . R-35 "Late") Renault R-35 early.jpg
M3 Stuart M3 "Satan"
AMX 13 AMX 13.jpg

Medium tanks[edit | edit source]

Somua S-35 Somua S-35.jpg
Matilda I Matilda I.jpg
Matilda II Mk.II Matilda II Mk II.jpg
M4A1 M4A1.jpg
M3 Grant "Late" (Lend-Lease) M3 Grant

Heavy tanks[edit | edit source]

Char B1 Char B1.jpg
ARL 44 ARL 44.jpg
AMX 50 AMX-50.jpg

Self-propelled artillery[edit | edit source]

Bishop 1.jpg

Self-propelled anti-tank guns[edit | edit source]

Lorraine 37L "Hauler" Lorraine 37L Hauler spg.jpg

Self-propelled anti-air guns[edit | edit source]

Light Tank AA Mk.I Light Tank AA Mk I

Transport vehicles[edit | edit source]

Lorraine 37L "Hauler" Lorraine 37L Hauler (2).jpg
Laffly V15t Laffly V15.jpg
Willys MB Willys MB
Universal Carrier with and without Boy's AT Rifle Universal Carrier
M3A1 Halftrack M3a1.jpg
BMW R 75 BMW R 75

French Aircrafts[edit | edit source]

Bombers[edit | edit source]

Fighters and fighter bombers[edit | edit source]

Moraine Saulnier MS 406 Moraine Saulnier MS 406.jpg
Dewoitine D.520 Dewoitine D.520.jpg
Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC HurricaneII.jpg
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb SpitV.jpg
North American A-36 "Apache" A-36.jpg

French Stationary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Anti-tank[edit | edit source]

TAM Tourelle TAM Tourelle.jpg
47 mm AT gun SA-37 47mm SA-38 AT gun.jpg
Ordnance QF 6 Pounder QF-6 Mk II.jpg

Artillery[edit | edit source]

Canon de 75 modèle 1897 Canon de 75 modèle 1897.jpg
T75/32 Tourelle T7532 Tourelle.jpg
Tourelle de 135 mm modèle 1932 Tourelle de 135 mm modèle 1932.jpg
Canon de 155 C mle 1917 Schneider Canon de 155 C modèle 1917 Schneider.jpg
LG Clouche LG Clouche.jpg

Anti-Aircraft[edit | edit source]

40 mm Bofors M1936 40 mm Bofors.jpg

Others[edit | edit source]

GFM Cloche GFM Clouche.jpg
JM Cloche JM Clouche.jpg
TM Tourelle TM Tourelle.jpg
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