"One heart- one will. Forward for the Victory!"

Hungarian Ground VehiclesEdit

Armored cars and light tanksEdit

39M Csaba 39m Csaba (2)
38M Toldi I 38M Toldi
42M Toldi IIa 42M Toldi
43M Toldi III 43M Toldi

Medium tanksEdit

40M Turán I 40M Turan I
Pzkpfw VAusf. G "Panther" Panther Ausf. G

Heavy tanksEdit

41M Turán II 41M Turan II
43M Turán III 43M Turan III
44M Tas 44M Tas
Tiger I "Mid" Tiger I Ausf. E
Tiger II Tiger II

Tank destroyersEdit

44M Rohamlöveg "Jagdtas" (with 88mm 44M 88/56 · with 88mm 44M 88/71) 44M Jagdtas

Assault gunsEdit

43M Zrinyi II 40-43M Zrinyi II

Self-propelled anti-air gunsEdit

40M Nimrod 40M Nimrod

Transport vehiclesEdit

Opel Blitz Opel Blitz
Sd.Kfz. 251 (251/20 "Uhu") Sd.Kfz. 251 1

Hungarian Stationary WeaponsEdit


36M 3.7 cm AT gun Pak36
38M 5 cm AT gun 50mm Pak 38
40M 40 mm AT gun 75mm 40M
88mm Flak 18 88mm Flak 18


105mm 37M 105 37M
Obice da 155/14 PB Obice da 155-14 PB
81mm Mortar [[File:|200px]]
120mm Mortar 120mm Mortar


Panzer IV Ausf. F1 Pillbox Pzkpfw IV Ausf F1 turret

Panther Ausf. D Turret (OT-Stahlunterstände typ D mit aufgesetzten Pantherturm)

Panther Ausf. FG turret bunker
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