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K98 Schiessbecher HEAT
Gross Gewehr-Panzergranate
Grenadier HEAT.jpg
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Type Shaped Charge Rifle Grenade
Effective range 91 m
Ammunition 130 g TNT
General Ingame Information
Used on Weapons Mauser 98K
(Mounted on the 98K
Kampfpistole (Called Gr40)
Comments Maximum penetration is 70 millimeters.
Grossgewehr Granate Real.jpg

This rifle grenade was an improvement of the Gewehr-Panzergranate but in fhsw is the first HEAT or rifle grenade against vehicles that is available for 98K from the battle of El Alamein of 1942 until the battles of Berlin, were the Gross Panzergranate 61 can be seen but very rarely in the plethora of different Anti-tank weapons available and does not have its own kit unlike the previous rifle grenade.

Like the HEAT rounds for the Kampfpistole but with sights for higher accuracy at range. Like all rifle grenades the reload is quite long compared to other explosive weapons. Unlike other rifle grenades there is no delay when firing. A similar British weapon is the No.68 AT Grenade which appears sometimes on the same maps.

Unlike Anti Tank kits with the Kampfpistole you also have the Mauser 98K which is a more versatile weapon that is easier to use against infantry since it has a magazine of five rounds, higher projectile velocity and sights it can be effective at farther ranges.

After the Panzerfaust has been introduced these rifle grenades are no longer used except possibly gotten from an "Random HEAT" kit along with german and foreign HEAT weapons ranging from the RPG-43 anti tank grenade to the PIAT and M1 Bazooka.

HEAT Grenadier.jpg

It can also be gotten at random when picking the "Random HEAT" kit, the rifle accompanied may not be the Mauser 98K.

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Gross Panzergranate 61[]

Gross Panzergranate 61
Gr61 k98.jpg
General Historical Information
Type HEAT Type Rifle Grenade
Ammunition 240g TNT
General Ingame Information
Used on Weapons Mauser 98K
Comments Maximum penetration is 125 millimeters.
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Found in the Random HEAT kit shown above or as a pick-up kit found on Eagles Nest 1945, the projectile head is the same as the "Gr61" on the Kampfpistole, which is the most effective HEAT grenade for both weapons. The user may carry as many as eight rifle grenades. The high penetration of the projectile and large amount of them carried means it can wear down even Soviet heavy tanks by continous fire.