Thompson M1928A1
General Historical Information
Place of origin USA
Designer John T. Thompson
Manufacturer Auto-Ordnance Company
The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited
Savage Arms
RPB Industries
Produced In 1921–present
Type Submachine gun
Effective range 50 metres
Rate of Fire 700 rounds/min
Magazine 30 rounds
Ammunition .45 ACP
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW Debut in Forgotten Hope
Used by USA
M1A1 Thompson real

M1A1 Thompson is quite different from the Thompson M1928A1 used by the British in North Africa. The newer design moved the charging handle to the side of the weapon, replaced the vertical front grip by a horizontal one, removed the muzzle brake and significantly reduced the rate of fire. These changes made the weapon much more reliable, but also cut its production costs in half. Nearly 1.4 million M1 and M1A1 Thompsons were made during World War 2.

A blaze is very strong in the short distance, but don't put too much confidence because scattering by the blaze is intense. It is rare that you can't defeat an enemy even if you shoot a full magazine exhaustively.

Platoon leader and close combat soldiers are mainly equipped with it.