Monster Des Stahles
Monster Des Stahles
General information
Status Active
Date Somewhere in 1945
Theatre Pacific
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Japan vs USA Flag of the United States.svg
Game Type Conquest
Style Sea Battle
Flags No Flags

Monster des Stahles is a fictional naval sea map set in 1945.

It is 1945 and the American and Japanese fleets do their last fight. Meanwhile the US Navy get closer to the Japanese fleet, the IJN Kii - a more powerful battleship then the IJN Yamato - lurking and waiting with her deadly guns on the American fleet. Who will win this battle? The Japanese or the Americans? This is a fictional battle and there are no flags on the map. The only objective: to destroy the enemy.

Order of BattleEdit

In order as displayed on the map (left to right, top to bottom).

Version 0.55Edit

United States NavyEdit

All destroyers except for Halford and Stevens are similar.

  • Four B-29 Bombers (with bombsights)
  • Four A-26 Invader Bombers
  1. DD-480 Halford
  2. DD-391 Henley
  3. DD-392 Patterson
  4. DD-393 Jarvis
  1. BB-57 South Dakota
  2. BB-58 Indiana
  3. BB-60 Alabama
  1. DD-479 Stevens
  2. DD-386 Bagley
  3. DD-387 Blue
  4. DD-389 Mugford

Imperial Japanese NavyEdit

All destroyers are of the Kagerō class. Light cruisers Sakawa and Noshiro are of the Agano class.

  • Four G4M Betty Bombers (with bombsight)
  • Four G4M Betty Bombers (with bombsight)
  1. Destroyer Oyashio
  2. Destroyer Natsushio
  3. Destroyer Kagero
  4. Light Cruiser Sakawa
  1. Destroyer Kuroshio
  2. Destroyer Shiranui
  3. Destroyer Hayashiro
  4. Light Cruiser Noshiro
  1. Battleship IJN Kii
  2. Light Carrier IJN Niyodo
  3. Aviation Cruiser IJN Mogami (1943)
  4. Light Cruiser IJN Ōyodo

Did You Know That?

The size of the map is 64 square kilometers? It is the biggest map in Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons, but it is one of the lightest FHSW maps on your disk. Only 22 mb against the heaviest - Korsun Pocket - around 75mb!

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