No.74 Sticky Bomb
No.74 Sticky Bomb
General Historical Information
Place of origin Great Britain
Type Anti-Tank Grenade
Effective range 5 metres
General Ingame Information
Used by Great Britain

The No.74 anti tank grenade is also known as the Sticky Bomb and sometimes it is called No.74 St (St stands for Sticky). It was a glass body which contained 604 grams of No.823 Nobel plastic explosives. The body was covered with glume and that made sure the grenade would stick on the tank without any use of magnets (magnets weren't the best solution for hanging the grenades on a German tank because most German tanks had Zimmerit, an anti-magnetic paste). During transporting, the glume was to be protected by two steel halves wich need to be removed before the throuw.The grenade would explode after a few seconds when the user trhouw the grenade to the target. The fuze was located in the bakelite handle and functioned similar to the Russian UZRG mechanism. On impact, the glass would break, creating a bigger surface. The length was 25 cm, diameter was 13 cm and it weights 1022 gram. Related on this grenade was the Sticky Bomb used by the USA and other country's like the Finnish and Polish. A sock covered with glume, a wick as fuse and the charges were inside (watch Saving Private Ryan).