Operation Coronet
Operation Coronet.jpg
General information
Date 1946
Theatre Pacific
Belligerents Naval Ensign of Japan.svg.png Japan vs USA Flag of the United States.svg.png
Game Type Conquest
Style Mixed
Flags Crossroad
AA Battery
Howitzer Battery
Coastalgun Battery
Coastalgun Headquarters

September 2, 1945, the Japanese army have surrendered. World War Two is over. However, some Japanese soldiers - still loyal to the Empire - aren't going to surrender. Throughout the country, a few small Japanese units still offer resistance with all the strength they have left. They will be fighting until their death. On the Japanese island of Honshū, Japanese units defend their homeland.

This is a battle based on the cancelled Allied invasion, Operation Downfall. The battle takes place in and around the mountains of Honshū. Inside the mountains, some tunnels and pillboxes have been excavated and contain coastal guns. Even on the mountains and in the fields behind them, a strong defence line exists to keep the Americans away. It's 1946, which means the Japanese have some powerful equipment at their disposal.

Did You Know That?

When you capture as American a flag, the Japanese still can spawn nearby the captured flags? This because the many spawn radio's hidden in houses, rocks and in the jungle.

There is one spawn radio pickup kit in the American base? Use it, drop the radio (under the mortar icon) and stay in the radio. During this time, there is a spawnpoint on youi. When you leave the radio, the radio explode.

There is a route hidden in the jungle at the north side of the map? It goes from the U.S. Headquartes through the jungle and come out at the west of the AA-Battery flag. More from this equivalent roads exist!

There are atleast five Japanese sniper kits hidden on this map? A good tip for one of those kits: under South-East.

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