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0.552 (August 30, 2014)


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Bf1942 version


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Playing with Secret WWII produced and non-produced weaponry, on historical and non-historical battles between 1939 and 1948.

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Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon is a mod based on the popular Forgotten Hope mod for Battlefield 1942. As the name suggests it adds a lot of "Secret Weapons" to the game like jet fighters or prototype heavy tanks.


The gameplay is similar to the realistic approach of Forgotten Hope which means that the crosshairs for infantry are only accurate if you stand still for a brief moment. It makes a huge difference to the more arcade gameplay of Battlefield 1942 where you are able to jump and shoot accurate at the same time. You also die very quick, one shot by a rifle or burst by a machine gun is often sufficient.

The tanks are immune to grenades now, infantry can only kill them via anti-tank weapons like Panzerfaust, satchel charges or sticky bombs. All tanks have a way more realistic damage system based on the real vehicle, e. g. a shot by a T-34 just bounces off the frontal armor of a Tiger. The muzzle velocity and weight of all the projectiles were taken from the real counterpart but have been equally skaled down a bit for better playability.

All the planes are a lot more realistic too, the bombers are very heavy and can only carry a very limited amount of bombs before they have to reload at the airfield. The fighters are a lot faster and more agile, every plane feels different because all the data (e. g. armament, top speed, climbing characteristic, armor,...) is based on the real one.

Tips and hintsEdit

  • Work as a team!
  • Learn about the vehicles. How they look, the armament, the armor, speed, etc...
  • Find and shoot for weak points. Most tanks are heavily armored in the front, but the back and sides are weak.
  • Learn to play with the vehicles. You can be the Elefant which is of course a very powerful and strong tank. However, a T-34/76 can kill you quite easily just by flanking you because of how slow you are!
  • As with everything: Play the game alot. Don't rage quit when you're being killed always! You will learn from defeat.
  • Install the Sound and Texture pack, it Improves the feel of being in the thick of it so much better! (link on how to install it here.)
  • When using anti-aircraft guns, they can be used as anti-tank emplacements by switching the ammo indicator from AA to AT. However, when an enemy aircraft attacks, it can leave your field of fire faster then any attacking ground vehicle, so be prepared! Only set the rounds to AT when you know you'll need it!
  • When using artillery, most of them show you the firing arc of your current aim when switching to arty-spot -mode. By repeatedly switching views, one can aim with great precision without taking shots and revealing position.

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