" To Arms!
Unite and unite to defeat the enemy!"

Polish Ground VehiclesEdit

Armored cars and light tanksEdit

Samochód pancerny wz. 29 "Ursus" Wz29
Samochód pancerny wz. 34 Wz34
39M Csaba 39m Csaba (2)
TKS (TKS (MG) · TKS (20 mm gun)) Tks 20
7TP (7TPdw · 7TPjw) 7TP Jed

Medium tanksEdit

14TP 14TP
"Pudel" (Polish resistance) Pzkpfw V Ausf G Pudel

Tank destroyersEdit

"Chwat" (Polish resistance) Hetzer Poland

Transport vehiclesEdit

C7P C7p

Polish AircraftsEdit


PZL P.37B Łoś Los

Light Bombers and Reconnaissance AircraftsEdit

PZL.23 Karaś Karaś

Fighters and fighter bombersEdit

PZL P.11c PZL P.11c

Polish Stationary WeaponsEdit


37 mm wz. 36 AT gun 37mm wz 36
5 cm Pak 38 (Polish resistance) 50mm Pak 38


wz. 1897/17 75mm wz 189717
wz. 1917 Schneider 155mm wz 1917
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