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These are the weapons and equipment used by the Polish army on Fall Weiß and Eastern Blitz. Also what is used by the Polish resistence taking up arms in the Warsaw Uprising. Polish forces on Monte Cassino use British Handweapons.

Pistols and revolvers[edit | edit source]

No.2 Revolver No2.jpg
Ruby Ruby.jpg

Rifles and carbines[edit | edit source]

Kbk wz.29 Wz29rifle.jpg
Kbsp wz.38M KbspWz38M.jpg
Rkm wz.28 Rkmwz38.jpg
Mauser 98K(Resistance) K98.jpg
Gewehr 43 (Resistance) G43.jpg
FÉG 35M Puska (Resistance) 35m.jpg

Submachine guns[edit | edit source]

Pm wz.39 Mors Wz39mors.jpg
Sten Mk II (Resistance) Sten Mk.II.jpg
MP 40 (Resistance) Mp401.jpg
Beretta 38a (Resistance) M38.jpg

Machine guns[edit | edit source]

Ckm wz.30 Wz30.jpg
DP-28 (Resistance) Dp28.jpg
MG 30 (Resistance) 31m.jpg
MG 34 (Resistance) Mg34.jpg

Anti-Tank weapons[edit | edit source]

Kb ppanc wz.35 Wz35.jpg
PIAT (Resistance) PIAT.jpg
Panzerfaust 30 (Resistance) Pz30.jpg

Incendiary weapons[edit | edit source]

Schiessbecher [[File:|No image]]
Defensive Grenade wz.24 Wz24.jpg
Molotov Cocktail Po MolRifle icon.jpg
Stielhandgranate 24 (Resistance) Big2.jpg
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