Ordnance, RCL, 3.45in Mk 1
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Type Anti-Tank Handweapon
Effective range 850 m
Ammunition Unnamed HEAT projectile
HESH Cartridge RCL, 3.45 inch WB ("Wallbuster")
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW Upcoming!
Used by Great Britain
RCL real

Besides Germany and the US also Britain experimented with recoilless guns. One of these was 88 mm design by Sir Dennis Burney was eventually adopted by the British Army as the "Ordnance, RCL, 3.45in Mk 1". A promising venture, the weapon was too late into service to see combat exposure during World War 2. It was expected that the new weapon could at least help with the Allied initiative in the Far East. However due to breech wear problems it did not see action. In the grand scope of its existence, the RCL went on to leave a grander influence on succeeding British anti-tank designs such as the L6 "WOMBAT" of the 1950s, a truer recoilless rifle design which saw considerable service during the Cold War years.

Gameplay-wise it's similar to the M18 recoilless rifle but thanks to its higher calibre and better warheads it's a lot more effective against tanks. The HEAT projectile penetrates up to 120 mm armour which is more than the Bazooka and is therefore a great help in dealing with German tanks. The second available ammunition is a HESH round which doesn't penetrate armour directly - instead it creates spall on the other side of the armour and thus is able to deal damage up to 180 mm of armour! It's also viable to use it against houses and bunkers because it has a "wallbuster" effect that can kill infantry hiding behind walls. This variant will be very rare and can only be found on certain late war maps.

  • 3.45in RCL Sight

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