Radar Tower
Radar Tower
General information
Place of origin: Great Britain
Category: Radar Bunker
(Objective Target)
Used by:

Great Britain

Passengers: 1
Calibre: 94 mm
Main Weaponry: 3x 3.7 inch QF AA Guns
Elevation: -5 to +80
Traverse: 360°
Rate of Fire: 1 gun: 10-20 rpm
Maximum Range: Between 12 and 18 km.
Artillery battery: Always Battery's of 3 guns
Position 1: Gunner/radar

The Radar Tower is a general name in Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon for the four fiction bunkers named Clacton, West Harwick, East Harwick and 'Felixtowe'. They are based on the Chain Home bunkers. The Chain Home, or CH for short, was the codename for the ring of coastal Early Warning radar stations built by the British before and during the Second World War to detect and track aircraft. It was one of the first practical radar systems, and the main component of the world's first integrated air defence system, the Dowding system. Operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF), Chain Home radars stretched across the shoreline of the British Isles, looking outward, offering almost continuous coverage of the over-water areas offshore. CH systems would often detect larger formations while still over France, offering invaluable early warning of an impending raid. The presence of radar strongly swung the balance of power in the direction of defence, it was no longer the case that "the bomber will always get through".

The bunkers ingame excist already since Battlefield 1942, with the Bofors AA-Gun on top of the bunker. In FHSW, the Bofors where replaced with three 3.7 inch QF AA Guns. The radar on top is workable, wich you can spot aircrafts from a distance. You can only enter the bunkers as allied via the back door!

The bunkers appears only on the map Battle of Britain at the coast, as defend line for the factory on the back but also as objective target. The picture below show us the locations of the bunkers.

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