Sd.Kfz 9
88mm Flak 37 auf Zgkw 18t
Sd.Kfz. 9 Flak37
General Historical Information
Place of origin Germany
Category Selfpropelled Anti-Aircraft
Speed 35 - 50 km/h
Main armament 8.8 cm Flak 37
General Ingame Information
Used by Germany
Crew in‑game 5
Ammunition ↑ AT
↓ AA
Seat 2 Flak
Historical Picture

The Sdkfz. 9 with the 8.8 cm Flak 37, know as the 8.8cm Flak 37 Selbstfahrlafette auf Zugkraftwagen 18 ton was the successor of the Sd.Kfz 7 with the Flak 18. The Luftwaffe order in 1942 112 vehicles. This is the bether Flak 37 built on a FAMO Sd.Kfz 9 chassis with a armored cabine. The gun itself had limited traverse because of the armored cab and could only be fully traversed with the gun elevated. First 14 vehicles were delivered in June and July of 1943, but the order was cancelled and further production did not continue.