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Armored cars and light tanks Bombers Destroyers Anti-tank
Medium tanks Fighters and fighter bombers Other Anti-air
Heavy tanks Ground-attack aircrafts Artillery
Tank destroyers Naval
Assault guns Pillboxes and Fortifications
Self-propelled artillery
Self-propelled anti-tank guns
Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
Transport vehicles

Russian Ground Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Armored cars and light tanks[edit | edit source]

BT-7 BT-7.jpg
T-26 (T-26 · T-26 Flamethrower) T-26.jpg
T-40 (T-40 · T-40/PT-23TB) T-40.jpg
M3 Stuart (M3 · M3A1 · M3 "Satan" · M5A1) M3 Stuart.jpg

Medium tanks[edit | edit source]

T-28 (T-28E · T-28/85 · T-28/85E · T-28/95 · T-28/95E) T-28.jpg
T-29 (T-29/85 · T-29/95) T-29
T-34 (T-34/76 · OT-34/76 · T-34/76 Model 1943 · T-34/85 · OT-34/85 · T-34/85 Model 1943) T-34/85
T-44 T-44
Valentine Mk VIII Valentine Mk.VIII.jpg
Churchill Mk III Churchill.jpg

Heavy tanks[edit | edit source]

T-35 (T-35 Model 1939 · T-35E · T-35-95) T-35
KV-1 (KV-1C · KV-1E "S ekranami" · KV-1S · KV-8 · KV-8S) KV-1 mod 1940.jpeg
KV-2 (KV-2/85 · KV-2/107) KV-2/107
KV-3 (KV-3 prototype with KV-1 turret) KV-3.jpeg
KV-85 KV-85.jpeg
KV-122 KV-122.jpeg
IS-1 IS-1.jpg
IS-100 IS-100.jpg
IS-2 IS-2.jpg
IS-3 (IS-3 · IS-3/D-30) IS-3.jpg
IS-4 (IS-4 · Object 701-1 · Object 701-3 · OTIS-4) IS-4.jpg
T-VI-100 T-VI-100.jpg

Tank destroyers[edit | edit source]

T-34/57 (T-34/57 · T-34/57 Model 1942) T3457.jpg
SU-76 SU-76.jpg
SU-85 (SU-85 · SU-85M) SU-85
SU-100 SU-100
SU-122P SU-122P
ISU-122 (ISU-122 · ISU-122S ·ISU-122BM) ISU-122fhsw.jpg
ISU-130 ISU-130.jpg
ISU-152BM ISU-152BM.jpg

Assault guns[edit | edit source]

KV-2 (KV-2 KV-2 Prototype · KV-2 KV-2) KV-2.jpg
KV-9 KV1-KV9.jpeg
SU-122 (SU-122 · SU-122-III (1943) · SU-122-III (1944)) Su-122.jpg
SU-152 (SU-152 · SU-A-19) Su-152.jpg
ISU-152 ISU-152.jpg

Self-propelled artillery[edit | edit source]

S-51 S-51.jpg
BM-8-24 BM-8-24.jpg
BM-13-16 "Katyusha" BM-13-16 Katyusha.jpg
BM-31-12 "Andryusha" BM-31-12 Andryusha.jpg

Self-propelled anti-tank guns[edit | edit source]

Universal Carrier (Universal Carrier PTRD · Universal Carrier PTRS-41) UCDP-1928PTRD.jpg

Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns[edit | edit source]

M17 MGMC ZSU-M17.jpg
ZSU-37 ZSU-37.jpg

Transport vehicles[edit | edit source]

Universal Carrier UCDP-1928PTRD.jpg
M3 Half-track M3A1 soviet.jpg
GAZ-67 GaZ-69.jpg
NKL-26 NKL-26.jpg
ZiS-5 ZiS-5.jpg
ZiS-22 ZiS-22.jpg

Russian Aircrafts[edit | edit source]

Bombers[edit | edit source]

Tupolev TB-3 (TB-3 · TB-3 Zveno) TB-3 Zveno.jpg
Ilyushin Il-4 "Bob" Ilyushin IL-4.jpg

Fighters and fighter bombers[edit | edit source]

Lavochkin La-7 Lavochkin La-7.jpg
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3.jpg
Polikarpov I-153 Polikarpov I-153.jpg
Polikarpov I-195 Polikarpov I-195.jpg
Yakovlev Yak-9 (Yak-9 · Yak-9P · Yak-9T · Yak-9UT) Yakovlev Yak-9.jpg

Ground-attack aircrafts[edit | edit source]

Ilyushin Il-2 "Shturmovik" Ilyushin Il-2.jpg

Russian Watercrafts[edit | edit source]

Destroyers[edit | edit source]

Gnevny class (Gnevny · Rezvy) Gnevny.jpg

Other[edit | edit source]

Sturmboot Sturmboot.jpg

Russian Stationary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Anti-tank[edit | edit source]

45 mm M1937 45mm M1937.jpg
57 mm ZiS-2 ZiS-2.jpg
76 mm ZiS-3 Zis-3.png

Anti-air[edit | edit source]

DShK 1938 tripod
37 mm AA gun M1939 (61-K) 37 mm AA gun M1939 (61-K).jpg
40 mm Bofors M1936 40 mm Bofors.jpg
85 mm air defense gun M1939 (52-K) 52-K.jpg

Artillery[edit | edit source]

105 mm M2A1 200px
122 mm gun M1931/37 (A-19) 122 mm gun M1931-37 (A-19).jpg
152 mm howitzer-gun M1937 (ML-20) 152 mm howitzer-gun M1937 (ML-20).jpg
203 mm howitzer M1931 (B-4) 203mm B4.jpg
280 mm mortar M1939 (Br-5) wz. 1917 Schneider

Naval[edit | edit source]

130 mm Pattern 1936 130 mm Pattern 1936 .jpg

Pillboxes and Fortifications[edit | edit source]

T-26 - T-26 Pillbox (T-26"Pillbox · T-26 Flamethrower Pillbox) 200px
T-28 (T-28 Model 1937 Pillbox · T-28E Pillbox) T-28 Model 1937 Pillbox.jpg
T-34/76 Pillbox T-3476 Pillbox.jpg
KV-2 Pillbox 200px
KV-1 Model 1940 Pillbox Kv1 Pillbox.jpg
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