T26E2 Pershing
General Historical Information
Place of origin USA
Manufacturer Detroit Tank Arsenal
Category Close Support Tank
Speed 40 km/h
Main armament 105 mm howitzer M4
General Ingame Information
Used by USA
Ammunition ↑ Gun
↓ Mg
Seat 2 30cal M1919A4
Historical Picture

The T26E2 Pershing (also known as the M45) was a variant of the M26 Pershing and designed as a medium close support tank fitted with a 105 mm howitzer. The front hull was protected by 100 mm-thick steel armor, and the turret was shielded by 200 mm! The heavy armor was necessary to compensate for the installation of the 105 mm M4 howitzer , which was heavier and shorter than the 90 mm M3 gun of the M36 Jackson and the M26 Pershing and had already been equipped on the M4A3(105).

With the heavy armor and powerful howitzer you’ll be able to break through even the strongest enemy defences! You also have the option to load HEAT shells for tank combat. You can take advantage of the armor and drive directly towards your enemy to get an accurate shot with the low velocity howitzer.