Type 4 AT Rocket Launcher
Type 4 90 mm "To Ta Ho"
Type 4 90mm
General Historical Information
Place of origin Japan
Type Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Effective range Maximum range: 750-800 metres
Effective range: 50-100m
Ammunition 9cm Rocket Propelled Type 4 HEAT
General Ingame Information
Debut in FHSW v0.5
Used by Japan
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During the development off the Type 4 70 mm AT Rocket Launcher, also there was a planned 9cm variant to improve performance. It has 120mm penetration, but the rocket's velocity was reduced to 106m/s because of its weight. These rockets were not only expected as anti-tank weapons, but also as a replacement for mortars of paratroopers. And about 3500 units were produced, but didn't entered war. Ingame, its bipod provides better accuracy in prone position. And, while its penetration performance is not so great, because of heavy charge, it gives very serious damage if penetrated. You will see this weapons mainly in Japan main land map, and it replaces some of the "captured Bazooka" kits. One map we have it already found and that is on Battle over Hokkaido in the tent on the Japanese HQ after all flags been captured by the Soviets.

Type 4 90 mm AT Rocket Launcher iron sight
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