Winchester Model 1912
Model 12
General Historical Information
Place of origin USA
Designer John Browning and Thomas Crosley Johnson
Manufacturer Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Produced In 1912 – 1964 andn later
Type Shotgun
Magazine 6 rounds
Ammunition 12 gauge
General Ingame Information
Used by USA
Great Britain
Winchester Model 1912

The Winchester Model 12 stands out as one of the most succesful combat shotguns in history. Taken widely into American service shortly before its entry into World War 2, the model 12 was quickly adopted accross all branches of the US military. The Model 12 could be reloaded with its trigger depressed, immediately firing the next round as soon as it was in the chamber. This resulted in a high rate of fire, allowing a soldier to quickly unleash all 6 of the weapons 12 guage shells in a single devastating volley, earning this gun the nickname of the "perfect repeater". Due to these factors the Model 12 was extremely succesful in the hectic close range fighting of the pacific theatre, where it was equally effective as a psychological weapon. The weapon apears in FHSW as standard kit, mostly used by the American Marines on Pacific maps. Sometimes as Random weapon. The British use them to. You can find the guns in the Special Force Willy Jeeps on maps like Operation Rattrap.

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